Burns Guitars Accessories

Burns Guitars Accessories

Burns Polished Aluminium Control Knobs as fitted to:
1963 Burns Vibra Artist / 1964 Burns Nu-Sonic and Nu-Sonic bass / 1964 to 68 Burns and Baldwin Buzzaround

Price: £10.00 pounds sterling each.

Burns Mini Tri-Sonic Pickups
The new Mini Tri-Sonic pickups are a mini version so they can be retro fitted to any standard guitars with single coil pickups.

Price: £135.00 Set of three.

Burns Complete Rezotube Tremolo Unit
Originally designed for the Hank Marvin signature model in 1963 and Bison 64 models.

Price: £165.00


Burns Gear-O-Matik Truss Rod And Gearbox And Adjustment Tool
The Burns truss rod and gearbox system was designed by Jim Burns and is still in use on all Custom Elite and UK custom guitars.

Complete Rod/Gearbox and adjustment tool £165.00; Gearbox and rod £120.00; Adjustment tool £45.00

Burns Handmade in the UK Guitar Strings
Our strings are made in the UK in old traditional way using the very best quality materials. Theses strings have a great warm tone and feel.

Available gauges: 010 to 046 and 011 to 052. Price: £8.00 Minimum order set of 5

Burns Vintage Tri-Sonic Pickups Unit
These pickups are handmade and hand-wired to the original sixties specifications using correct value magnets and unique wiring.

Price: £135.00 Set of 3 pickups


Burns Rez-O-Matik Noiseless ENR Pickups
This new ENR Noiseless Rez-o-Matik® pickup is now fitted to the new Apache Special and Dream Noiseless models® with ENR (Entwistle Noise Reduction) technology.

Price: £165.00 Set of 3

Burns Vintage Rez-o-Matik Pickups
This pickup was developed in 1963 to meet the demands of Mr Hank B Marvin. Our re-issue Rez-o-Matik pickups are made to the same 1963 specifications.

Price: £165.00 Set of 3

Burns 1964 Engraved and Skirted Ali/Black Knobs

with hand engraved black skirts.

Price: £15.00 each

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Brian May Pickups

Burns Van Gent Style Guitar Tuning Pegs
Burns tuning pegs used on all Burns guitars since 1960 and still used today.

Price: £125.00 Set of 6

Burns Vintage Tremolo Arm And Fixing Bolt Assembly
The Burns tremolo arm design has been in use since 1963 on most Burns models and is still being made and used today.

Price: Chrome £75.00 / Gold Plated £85.00

Burns Brian May Signature Tri-Sonic Pickups
These pickups are handmade and hand-wired to Brian May's exacting specifications. Wax potted and reverse wound middle pickup.

Price: £145.00 Set of 3 pickups


Burns Leather Guitar Strap
Made from real leather with traditional adjustable should pad and Burns logo.

Price: £28.00

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