Available as a strictly limited edition of 500 guitars.

Hand signed certificate from Hank and Bruce
Gold plated Rez-o-tube™ tremolo system
Locking Sperzel machine heads
3 Rez-o-Matic™ handmade pickups

Jet-Sonic® guitar

The talented Italian designer Pagelli has worked closely with Burns® London to create a unique new design. The new Jet-Sonic® oozes contemporary retro chic featuring gorgeous curves and a truly individual style. All components and materials used are of the high quality Burns® are renowned for and our musicians have come to expect. The sound is really out of this world — we believe the Jet-Sonic™ is going to fly off the shelves.


Scorpion Bass guitar

Introduced in 1979, the Burns Scorpion Bass was updated and improved, with a 34-inch scale hardrock maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard for a wide variety of tones. As Guitarist & Bassist Magazine said, "The Scorpion Bass sounds awesome, delivers all the punch and power you would expect."



The Barracuda model was available in guards red and played either as a short scale bass or an effective lead and rhythm guitar. Tuning was the same as standard 6 string guitar but an octave below, as used by Jet Harris of The Shadows.



The Batwing model was a flat headstock version of the already successful Marquee Guitar (Guitar of the year 1999). The orginal Burns Guitars first introduced in the early Sixties had a one sided headstock with a distinct batwing shape. We have reintroduced the old style with slight improved modifications including chrome hardware as standard.



The Burns Legend was a faithful reproduction of the original Burns Marvin, first introduced in 1964. Each Legend had been handcrafted in England to include all the original features, such as the Rez-o-tube unit. This exclusive patent involves each string passing through the bridge in its own individual resonance tube, rather than going through alongside 5 other strings. This enhances the tone of each string and gives greater clarity of articulation.


Shadows Bass

BurnsĀ® London acquired the original Shadows bass in 2005 which inspired us to re-release this great guitar as a special edition. Close research revealed this bass was quite different to the production model of 1964. The electrics are custom wired to give a wider range of pickup selections. As well as various cosmetic changes including headstock size, pickup spacing and selector switch angle.


Hank Marvin Signature Limited Edition

Way back in 1963, Jim Burns, the founder of the Company, worked closely with Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch of The Shadows to design a guitar which would have the style, sound, and playability they required. Together they developed the 'BURNS MARVIN' a fine guitar, which Hank played on record, stage and screen throughout the '60s and '70s.


Drifter LG 50

Many companies produced a similar guitar to this model in the late fifties to early sixties, most famously were Guyatone, Antoria and Burns Weill. Our Drifter LG 50 is a close replica of the guitar as used by Hank Marvin in the late fifties before he discovered Fender® and Burns® Guitars.



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