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So, why should you believe everything we say about how great our guitars are? After all, we're bound to be keen on them. Well, you don't have to take our word for any of it. Over the years, some of the best guitarists and bassists in the world have played our instruments, and they must know a thing or two. Here are some names you might recoginize, all of them play or have played Burns instruments.

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The Saphires

The Springfields

Terry Walsh

The Rocking Ghosts

The Fenders

The Rockets

The Ramblers

Phil Solem

The Rocking Vicar

Cosh Boys

The Reflections

Jeff Marks

James Lomenzo (Megadeath)

Mike Martin

Back 2 Beat


Robyn Bright

Sonny Stewart


Nick Allan

Chris Ermoian


Adam Mallows

Chris Dekker

Gordon Smith

Joe Alves

Lemonface (see video)

Soren Koch

Art Greenhaw

John Bartram

John Power

Peter Budd

Brandon Todd

Langs Orchestra


Fabulous Fezheads

Bearnaise Brothers

The Honeycombs

Buddy and the Cruisers

RJ and the Boys

The Guys


Son Of Dork

Richard Winn

Brian May

Per Gjorde

Sidewalk Society USA

We Should Be Dead

Chris Blore

The Local Heroes

Dave Berry / Cruisers

Olafur Gislason

Simply Shadows

Jet Harris / Barry Gibson

Dream Wife

The Ordinary Boys
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Other players not featured above include: Mick Box of Uriah Heap, Beatnicks, Beck, Bert Weedon, Black Crows, Dave Edmunds, Easy Beats, Girls Aloud, Ike Isaacs, Joe Walsh, John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin, Menswear, New Seekers, Nick Cane (Mavericks), Paul Day, Pete Townsend (The Who), Pulp, Rapiers, Razorlight, Rick Huxley (The Dave Clarke Five), Roger Newell, Ry Cooder, Saul Davis (James Band), Sham 69, Texas, The Blues Band, The Local Heroes, The Tremeloes, The Troggs, Tommy Emmanuel, T.Rex, Trident, John Dwyer and Unit 4+2.

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