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So, why should you believe everything we say about how great our guitars are? After all, we're bound to be keen on them. Well, you don't have to take our word for any of it. Over the years, some of the best guitarists and bassists in the world have played our instruments, and they must know a thing or two. Here are some names you might recoginize, all of them play or have played Burns instruments.

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John Bell

Damon Johnson

The Redsuns

The Anydays

Toby Mcfarlane


Ken Brown

Dan McLachlan

Baby Dave - Pint Shot Riot

Los Falcons

Silver Shadows

Guy, Manu, Phil and Robin "Burns Fans"

Don Barroso

Didier Poirier

Three Two Ones

The Blue Shadows

Stephen Bruner

Hank Marvin

Colin Fox

Dream Wife

Guitar Express

Fabrizio Carletto

Melvin Berendsen

Arild Brekken

Gary Young (Revival)

Peter Walsh

Nigel Bennett

Blue Shadows

The Wolves

The Volume Four

Colin Price Jones

Jet Harris

Dzal Martin

The Melancholy

Richard Bennett (Mark Knopfler band)

Ritchie Peters & For-Tunes

Tony de Ste Croix

Noel Ford

Mark Taylor

Cec Hughes

The Orbits

Nick Bennet

Johnny & The Strollers

Al Gare

Andrew Smith

Pierre Teodori

Danni Nicholls

Gerard Burgerhout

English Tea

Peter Newman

Giorgio and Alfredo Pacassoni

Spotlight Kid

Ray Russell

Mo Foster

Lose Sambat

Edd Gibson
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Other players not featured above include: Mick Box of Uriah Heap, Beatnicks, Beck, Bert Weedon, Black Crows, Dave Edmunds, Easy Beats, Girls Aloud, Ike Isaacs, Joe Walsh, John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin, Menswear, New Seekers, Nick Cane (Mavericks), Paul Day, Pete Townsend (The Who), Pulp, Rapiers, Razorlight, Rick Huxley (The Dave Clarke Five), Roger Newell, Ry Cooder, Saul Davis (James Band), Sham 69, Texas, The Blues Band, The Local Heroes, The Tremeloes, The Troggs, Tommy Emmanuel, T.Rex, Trident, John Dwyer and Unit 4+2.

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